Home Sweet Home

A little under two years ago, my partner Craig and I bought a house together in a little suburb of Boston. Since then, we've managed to unpack many boxes, exterminate many ants, fill the place with bookshelves, start a few fires in the fireplace, throw one housewarming party, and enjoy the place thoroughly.

As time allows, I'll add more information about our homeowning experience to this page. Until then, please enjoy a few photos of the house and yard and pictures of my cat, Pandora, making herself at home in the box that my studly new PowerBook G3 came in.

our house, from the driveway

The view from the driveway, showing my old car.

the back view of the house

The back of the house. And yes, those are solar panels.

the front yard, from the street

This is what our front yard looks like. No mowing necessary!

Pandora, the Super-cat:
Cat napping in PowerBook box

Taking advantage of the chance to get a good cat-nap...

Cat yawning

Waking up is hard to do...
Cat sitting in box

Okay, now what?

Cat awake in box

Must not have been too important...

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