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Places on the Web I visit regularly.
Radio Days
My favorite radio shows.
My friends' Web sites.
Desert Dreams
Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance.
The Big Bang
Drumming and percussion sites.
Tunes and Players
Musicians' pages.
Girl Thangs
Great links for girls and women.
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Writing/tech. comm. resources.
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HTML resources on the Web.
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Misc. neat stuff on the Web.
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Welcome to My Web!

Here are links to many of my favorite places on the Web. This is an expanded (more categories!) and improved version of the old list that lived on the previous incarnation of this site. I hope to update it further sometime in the next century because I've found so may more fun and interesting places on the Web since the last time I did a major update.

I have arranged these links in categories and in alphabetical order (more or less) within those categories. This list of links finally became so large that I made a master list of categories immediately above this intro.

These links are provided for your information and Web surfing pleasure, and reflect many of my own interests and activities. You can jump to your own conclusions about what kind of person I am. This is by no means an exhaustive list of links for the categories included. If you're intrigued by what you see here, you can hunt down your own favorite links on the subject(s). All standard disclaimers apply, especially the one about these links having absolutely nothing to do with the opinions (or anything else) of my employer, Into Networks, Inc., or anyone else for that matter. Happy Surfing!

Special Places

Free Will Astrology by Rob Breszny - Formerly "Real Astrology". Thoughtful and curious weekly horoscopes for all truth and beauty fans. Personally, I liked the previous incarnation of this site much better, but that's my humble opinion.
Planet Waves - Astrology and more by Eric Francis and friends. Excellent information about astrology, ecology, politics, sexuality, etc.
The Endicott Studio of the Mythic Arts by Terri Windling has lots to see, read, and ponder.
Camp SARK - SARK is a real joy—her books and artwork are inspirational and fun.
Savage Love on The Onion - Funny, opinionated sex advice from a gay man to breeders and others everywhere.

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Radio Days

This American Life - One of my favorite radio shows. The Web site contains additional info on their shows, photos, archived Real Audio™ versions of past shows.
Sound and Spirit - Fabulous radio show hosted by Ellen Kushner.
A Prairie Home Companion - Need I say more?
Schickele Mix - Dedicated to the proposition that all musics are created equal.You can also check out The unofficial Schickele Mix site.
Fresh Air - Terri Gross' interview show.
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me - One of the funniest shows on the air, IMNSHO. The site now has archived shows!
Car Talk! - If you never thought a show about cars could be funny, check this one out.
Woo-hoo! Says You! finally has a Web site!
Whad'Ya Know? - Comedy variety show, usually from Wisconsin but occasionally it wanders.
The ZBS Foundation - Home of weird and wonderful award-winning audio dramas, such as "The Adventures of Ruby" and "The Fourth Tower of Inverness".
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The Big Bang

Advanced Doumbek Rhythms from Kesslari.
African Percussion Home Page
Robin "Adnan" Anders' Web Site
Bobbaq's Djimbefoland Web Site - Also has a women's drumming resources page.
DrummerGirl Web Site - Refreshing change from the macho b.s. of the mainstream drumming world. Trap set-heavy, but nice nonetheless.
The Drummer's Web
Drums and Percussion Home Page
Earth Drum Council
Earthshaking Music
Jim Greiner's Hands-On Drumming
Arthur Hull's Web Site
Interworld Music - Lotsa drum recordings and instructional videos!
Mid East Manufacturing - Popular suppliers of doumbeks and other ethnic musical instruments.
Mary Overby's North Carolina Percussion Page
Middle Eastern Percussion Page
Nott's Doumbek Rhythms
Planetary Percussion
Quick and Dirty Guide to Doumbek Rhythms
Layne Redmond's Web Site
Rykodisc - World Music and other odd stuff.
Jeff Senn's Middle Eastern Dance Rhythms
Alan Tauber's Drum Connection site - My number 1 drum teacher and big pal!

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Desert Dreams

Aziza Sa'id's Web site
Belly Dance Home Page by Stefan- Links to articles & info.
The Camel's Armpit - A Western Australian Belly Dance site.
Chandra's Dance Extravaganza - An excellent online catalog of dance supplies for the Middle Eastern dancer.
Davina's Web site - Author of "Costuming from the Hip" and "From Turban to Toe Ring".
FatChanceBellyDance - A SF dance troupe, known for their tribal style dance. There is also a catalog of Middle Eastern dance items on this site.
The Gilded Serpent - A Middle Eastern dance e-zine.
The Goddess Dancing - A Boston area troupe that teaches classes and performs belly dance as sacred dance.
Ghazallah's pages - Beautiful custom folkloric costuming, and dance classes in Southern CT.
The Henna Page - Not strictly a Middle Eastern dance thing, but applicable nonetheless. Also check out this other Henna site.
JJ's Place - LA Danse Orientale happenings and more.
Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide by Kimberly Cyr, hosted by Stefan - A great resource for general dance/middle eastern dance info.
Morocco's Web site
Middle Eastern Dance in New England
The Bellydancing Librarian
Omphalo-Stepses - The Shanmonster's belly dance pages. See especially her excellent collection of Bellydancers and Harem Girls: A Historical/Cheesecake Gallery.
Rhiannon's Middle Eastern Dance site
Saroyan Mastercrafts - Makers of fine finger cymbals for dancers.
Oriental Dance in Atlanta and the Southeast
Turquoise International - Middle Eastern dance suppliers and workshop/tour organizers.
al-Mustarib (formerly The Veil and Drum) - An SCA middle eastern drum, dance and culture 'zine.
Visionary Dance Productions - Delilah's dance events, videos, music, and more.
The Women's Caravan and CyberHarem.
Yasmina's Belly Dance Home Page

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Tunes and Players

Ancient Music of Ireland
Farid el Atrache Web site
The official Austin Lounge Lizards Web site. See also the unofficial ALL Web site.
The Boiled In Lead Web Site. See also the Leadheads Mailing List site.
Cordelia's Dad - A neat American folk group.
DarWeb - One of many Dar Williams Web sites.
D'CuCKOO - A way-cool women's techno-tribal rhythm band!
The Ultimate Dead Can Dance page
An Ani DiFranco Page. You can also listen to an interview with Ani on "Talk of the Nation".
Erich's Digital Tradition site
Farabi - A middle eastern band.
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America
Jack Hardy - My favorite folk musician! See also Brambus Records' Jack Hardy Page and BCN Music's Jack Hardy Page.
Harmony Ridge - Links to women who make music.
The St. Cleve Chronicle Jethro Tull Site
Ladyslipper Music - One of the oldest and best distributors of women's music
The Official Loreena McKennitt Web Site
Norumbega Harmony, a Boston area shape-note group. See also the Fasola Home Page and Dr. Warren Steel's Sacred Harp Site.
Turlough O'Carolan Page
Todd Rundgren's Web site. See also The TR Connection.
The Shrine to Shonen Knife.
Strange and Beautiful Music - The online home of John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards.
The Tam Lin Resource Page - Information about a ubiquitous ballad.
Taylor's Trad. Tunebook - Traditional favorites in MIDI format.
Omar Faruk Tekbilek's Web page

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Online Museums and Exhibits

MythMedia - Images of classical mythology in Western art.
Devi: The Great Goddess - An online exhibit of Hindu images of the Goddess at the Smithsonian Institution. Includes a study guide section for children. See also the related exhibit Puja: Expressions of Hindu Devotion.
The Secret Musem - The lost collections of the Boston Museum of Natural History, as uncovered and displayed by artist Courtney Skinner. Click on the trunk on the road map to see the collections.
The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health - Fascinating collection of information about this still largely taboo subject. Odd and entertaining.
The Museum of Dirt - One of the first online museums I ever heard about. Wanna know what Bob Hope's dirt looks like? Find out here!
The Museum of Bad Art - Art too bad to be ignored!
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery - A strange and odd online museum.
Barbie History of Art

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Words and Pictures

Action Girl Central! Action Girl is one of the indie comics I look forward to every quarter (or so).
Artbabe - The wonderful work of Jessica Abel.
The International Asterix Home Page
The BeanWeb - A celebration of Larry Marder's "Tales of the Beanworld". This most peculiar comic book experience is another of my all-time faves.
The Dreaming: The Neil Gaiman Page - Lots of info and material by the author of "Sandman", "Stardust", "Neverwhere", and the English screenplay of Miyazaki's anime masterpiece, "Mononke Hime". Especially see Neil's 24 hour comic Being an Account of the Life and Death of the Emperor Heliogabalus.
A Fine Line Press - Publishes the wonderful work of Donna Barr (The Desert Peach, Stinz, Hader and the Colonel, etc.). I love this woman's work! And here's an interview with Donna from "The Comics Journal".
Greenman Press - The beautiful mythic images of artist Charles Vess, one of my favorite illustrators and comic book artists. There's also an illustrated essay about his work on the Endicott Studio Web site.
Grrls in the Comics - A way-cool, comprehensive listing of powerful grrls in comix.
Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist - She's nuts, she's hopped up on caffeine, and she's armed to the teeth! Also check out this other Hothead site.
The House of Fun - The online home of Sarah Dyer (Action Girl) and Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese)
Kevin and Kell - Furry family life on the 'Net.
Mi Vida Loca - A Love and Rockets Resource - Information about another one of my favorite comic series. These characters have even entered my dreams a time or three. Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse also has some Love and Rockets info and a good list of L&R links. - Long View - Interesting, entertaining, innovative online work by the guy who brought us "Zot!" and "Understanding Comics". Features "Choose Your Own Carl", a collaborative comic experience.
The Sylvia Web Site - I've been reading Sylvia comics since the late 70s, and I still check the local rag every day for the latest strip. Women's Wire used to have a great archive of her strips, but it's no longer there <pout>.
Jill Thompson and Scary Godmother - Not to be confused with the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Rural Development of the same name. Unfortunately, it's damn near impossible to go directly to Jill's pages, so poke through and follow the links to Jill's site. It's worth it!
Voltaire's Lair - Comics, fabulous animation, and odd goth music.
Zero Hour - The adventures of PJ and Ant, by Patty Leidy of Hotlanta. The site's outta date, but definitely worth visiting.

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Fun and Coolness!

Angelus Press Web Site - A small press that publishes anthologies of cross-genre fiction.
Annie's Homegrown, Inc. - Makers of the yummiest mac 'n cheese in the whole world!
Babylon 5: The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, The Official Babylon 5 Web Site and TNT's Babylon 5 Web Site.
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - Yum!
Brak's Songbook - A must-visit site for Space Ghost fans everywhere.
The Cirque du Soleil Web Site - Probably the most amazing show I've ever seen, including wonderful music. If the Cirque ever performs anywhere near you, go see them!
The Costumer's Manifesto - Practically everything you'd want to know about costuming.
Don't Spread That Hoax!
Ye Olde DragonQuest Home Page, including the adventures of my DQ character (Merlaine) and her companions in "The Journals of Drashak".
Fat!So? - A wonderful magazine for people who don't apologize for their size. See especially their interview with Daniel Pinkwater. They also host the FaT GiRL Web site.
Fishing With John - A bizarre and oddly entertaining show that has very little to do with fishing.
Flags of the World
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Interactive Magic - Useless and entertaining, and fun to try to figure out! Part of the Trendy Magic site. - Cute and fun graphics, fonts, and e-cards.
The Modified Librarian - Pierced and tattooed library scientists and staff members
Joseph Wu's Origami page
Newtonwocky - Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky, as "recognized" by the Apple Newton.
The (sort of) Official Daniel Pinkwater Home Page
Smack the Pony - A British sketch comedy show starring three women. Very funny if you can find it!
Street Librarian - Lots of very cool information about library science and alternative literature.
Studmuffins of Science - And you thought science geeks and computer nerds couldn't be hot babes...
The Theremin Home Page
Do you dare to enter The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs?
United Exterminating Company - Common-sense information and advice about bugs and other household pests. I just wish they were located in MA rather than NJ!
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - Home of disgusting science fun!

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Girl Thangs!

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA - A fine women's college, and my alma mater!
Archive of Syllabi in Women's Studies in Music
Club Girl Tech - A site mostly for li'l girls, but there's stuff there for their parents and big grrls too.
Cybergrrl Webstation
Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World.
Distinguished Women of the Past and Present - That says it all.
Femina - A women's WWW index.
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net - A must-use list of linx!
Girls, Inc. National HQ - Formerly Girls Clubs of America, this national youth organization is dedicated to helping every girl become strong, smart and bold. And FYI, I used to be responsible for maintaining the Girls Incorporated of Greater Nashua site.
Go, girl! - An e-zine for women and girls in sports.
gURL e-zine - An online zine for the 14-and-older girl crowd. - The online home of the Women's Presses Library Project and Women Leading Through Reading, two non-profit organizations serving women's literature and literacy needs.
New Moon: A Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams.
Sojourner's Web site
Womenfolk: A Gathering Place for Women
Women Gamers - Site for female RPGers, console gamers, etc. See also Grrlgamer.
Women Online News - An online 'zine for online women.
Women's Resources Web Site
Women's Weightlifting Links 'n' Lessons by Mistress Krista - Fabulous site for women who pump iron or always wanted to. Krista rules!
Women's Wire e-zine.
Xena: Warrior Princess! - The Official Site. See also Tom's Xena Page, the Logomancy Xena Site (frameless version), and the Phoenix Gate Xena Page.

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Leigh Ann Hussey's Home Page. Okay, so she's not a friend exactly, but I have met her and I like her stuff lots.
The Janus Gate - Information about Alexandrian Witchcraft, the Du Bandia Grassail lineage, and other interesting writings by Janus.
Breed's Forest - A Boston area coven run by my friend Talia
Grove of the Mists - Another Boston area coven, this one run by my friend Morwynna.
Jess' Web Site, and that of her company, Spirit Games. Reiki, computer game design, stories, and a look at a modern-day castle.
The Root of All Things Lookit - Dan's home on the Web
Mike McComas' Web Page
The Lordly Nightshade Web site, owned and operated by Olvardil Prydwyn. For more of his musical activities, see the Green Crown site.
Ruby the Wonder Dog's Home Page, lovingly constructed by her mommy, Janet.
Pour Down Like Silver - Jehana Silverwing's lovely and informative Web site
Siubhan's House of Horror - Interesting and entertaining site by a friend of mine from my Q-Moon days.
Spirati's Web Site. Also check out her tattoo studio site.
Betty W's Web Site - A popular compendium of interesting info on Witchcraft and other esoteric topics.

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Between the Covers

Susie Bright is one of my favorite authors. That she mostly writes about sex is just a bonus.
Rita Mae Brown's official Web site. Also see this fan site.
Charles de Lint's Web site
The Kinky Friedman Home Page - The Texas Jewboy is also a fictional detective with a growing following.
Science Fiction - Media in Transition Project - A wonderful project at MIT that has brought some of the finest science fiction writers and media/technology experts to campus to talk about their work and what they see coming up in the future.
ValleyPeople E-zine - Literary zine from the silicon valley.
Alice Walker, Womanist Writer - A fan site.
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HTML Links and Web Resources

The Beginner's Guide to HTML
Best Viewed With Any Browser - A Web site advocating Web site design that does not discriminate against any particular browser.
The Computer Security Institute
The Computer Virus Myths Web Site
The Copyright Website.
Hints for Web Authors by Dr. Warren Steel
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
The HTML Guru
HTML Quick Reference Guide
HTML Validation Tools Page
Intranet Journal
Network Solutions (domain name registration)
Net Tips for Writers and Designers
The Stalker's Web Site - scary stuff!
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Pages That Suck - You've seen the book (maybe), now see the Web site that started it all! Teaches good Web site design by showing you bad Web site design.
Lynda Weinman's Web site. See also her presentation page from Macworld.
World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Page
Wrox Ultimate HTML Reference Database

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Technical Writing Links

The Editorial Eye
STC Boston Chapter
The Northern New England STC Chapter
Robin Williams' Web Site - no, not the comedian...
The Society for Technical Communication
Clear Point's Candidates News and Clients News
NIVA, Inc. Web Site - A Canadian documentation firm.
Resources for Science and Technical Writers
Masterpiece Media Technical Writing Links's Technical Writing Page
STC Resources Page
User Friendly Manuals site
The Elements of Style (1918) by William Strunk
Document Design E-Journal
U&lc Online
Anglo-American Language Confusions Page - Gotta love a page with the title "what a load of codswallop, pet!" A tad naughty, but useful and amusing nonetheless.
The Plain English Campaign - An independent UK-based organization that aims to eradicate all forms of gobbledygook from printed and spoken communications.

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This is one section that deserves sub-headings! So here they are:
Tarot Links | Orisha and Voodoo Links | Pagan Organizations & Local Resources | Pagan Zines | Stores and Online Merchants | Hellenic Pagan Links | Celtic Links | Misc. Pagan and Occult Links

Tarot Links
(Many of these links are also included in my Tarot on the 'Net article)
Annikin Divination Systems
Ariadne's Tarot pages
The Dollie Tarot
dtKing's Tarot Weekly
The Folly of the Alchemist Tarot Resources
Mary K. Greer's T.A.R.O.T. Page
The Healing Tarot Home Page
Hello Tarot!
The I-Tarot
Jonathan Katz's Free Readings Site
Learning the Tarot: An Online Course
The Tarot School
Llewellyn Publications has a Tarot Kits and Decks page in their "New Worlds Bookstore"
Lysator's Neopagan Occult Divination Archive
Michele Jackson's Tarot Site
The Maninni Tarot - A collaborative Tarot deck by the members of the Tarot-L mailing list. There's also a Maninni II deck.
Morgan's Tarot Online by Dan
The Rider-Waite Tarot Images Online
Stevee Postman's Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Tapestry Tarot E-Zine
Tarot FAQ
The Tarot-L Mailing List Web Site
The Transformational Tarot
US Games Tarot Page
YoTarot Web site

Orisha and Voodoo Links
Ifa Foundation of North America
Luisah Teish's Web site
Orisha Mailing List Home Page
Voodoo/African Magickal Site

Pagan Organizations & Local Resources
Circle Sanctuary
The Covenant of the Goddess
The EarthSpirit Community
Maine Pagan Resource Page
MIT Pagan Students' Group
Moonstone Circle
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Pagan Coffee Talks in Portsmouth, NH
The Society of Elder Faiths
The Witches' Voice Web Site
WLPA Home Page

Pagan Zines
Horns and Crescent - A New England Pagan Networking Newsletter
The Virtual Pomegranate - An excellent online and print 'zine.
Sagewoman magazine
THiNK! magazine

Stores and Online Merchants
Ancient Circles
Apple Valley Books, owned and operated by Eric, Rita and Branwen of Winthrop, ME.
Inner Traditions International Web Site

Hellenic Pagan Links
The Lyre - Shawn Eyer's wonderful Hellenic Pagan journal.
The Stele/The Omphalos - Excellent Hellenic Pagan resource.
Technitai Dionusou - The Artists of Dionysus - A Maine Hellenic Reconstructionist group.
The Dionysion - Another online shrine to Dionysus. It's a long page, so don't be afraid to scroll down.

Celtic Pagan Links
IMBAS - Excellent Celtic Reconstructionist resource site.
Aisling Association of Celtic Tribes - A Celtic Reconstructionist religious organization.
Rowan's Celtic Compendium
Celts and Saxons Home Page

Misc. Pagan and Occult Links
The Media Style Guide for Less-Popular Religions
Pagan Internet Resources
Phoenix and Arabeth's Web Site - Art, Tattoos, Rituals, etc.
The Center for Reiki Training
The Principia Discordia Online
Rainbow Wind
The Witching Hours - The Shanmonster's excellent collection of information about the Witch Craze from Medieval times through the Enlightenment. Not about Wicca, and doesn't pretend to be.
Sethnet - The Web site of Seth Network International.
The Original "Wicker Man" Home Page. See also The Various Versions of "The Wicker Man".
Scientific Pantheism - Not exactly Pagan, but not exactly non-Pagan either.
Introduction to Earth Mysteries

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Queer Fish and Others

Bisexual Hell
Biversity Home Page
Border Crossings: Gender - Part of an interesting "experiment in hypertextual relationships".
Brandy Williams' site - Contains wonderful articles on sexuality, including her "Aphrodite Tantra", as well as other interesting stuff.
Susie Bright's Web site. Also see the archive of her columns on
Raphael Carter's Androgyny RAQ - A very cool set of pieces concerning gender and androgyny.
Circlet Press Web Site - A source of fine Science Fiction erotica. - Dedicated to polylove and self-loving. A beautiful site, some explicit photos.
Family Tree - A Boston area social group for people interested in or actively participating in alternative relationship and family lifestyles. Boston seems to be a hotbed of poly activity—Love Without Bounds and Poly Boston are also located in the metro Boston area.
Leslie Feinberg's site
Gay Youth Book List, part of The Cool Page for Queer Teens.
Gender-Neutral Pronoun FAQ, very long and interesting coverage of the subject.
The Gender Web Project - A good collection of online writings and resources for the study of gender.
Grand Opening! - My fave-rave sexuality boutique.
Holy Titclamps! - A great queer zine, online and off.
The iBrator - The sex toy for the rest of us!
The International Foundation for Gender Education, a transgender and gender studies organization based in MA.
Just Say Yes - A good info site from the Coalition for Positive Sexuality. - Promoting Lesbian visibility on the Internet.
Lesbian Resources on the Web
PFLAG - Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Planet Out
Queer Cut Bodies: Intersexuality and Homophobia in Medical Practice.
Queer Nerd - A bit underdeveloped, but promising.
Queer Zine Explosion
Savage Love on The Onion - Funny, opinionated sex advice from a gay man to breeders and others everywhere.
Second Generation - Site for queer or questioning kids of queer parents. Now part of COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere).
The Society for Human Sexuality - Interesting and informative sex-positive site.
The Sodomobile - What happens when you put Michael Moore of "The Awful Truth" together with a bunch of queers in a big pink Winnebago.
Elf Sternberg's Web Site
Wolfe Video - A Gay & Lesbian video company. Lotsa great video and DVD titles for queer folk.

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Credits: This page was lovingly constructed from 100% recycled electrons by Pam Williams.
Dedication: This page is dedicated to the precious memory of Jane Knowlton Formato and Jonathan Stone Williams, my parents, who passed from this world far too soon on July 19, 1995 and January 30, 1996 respectively.
This page last updated on: 3/15/2000